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Metal Recycling & Buying in Scranton, Pennsylvania

Fiegleman's Recycling Center in Scranton, Pennsylvania, specializes in scrap metal recycling and buying, automobile and can recycling, and ferrous and non-ferrous metals for scrap metal buyers.

What We Buy & Sell
Fiegleman's Recycling Center functions as a major salvage and metal recycling center, specializing in all facets of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. We are also steel distributors. We pay top prices for all types of scrap metal, including copper, brass, aluminum, steel, and iron. We also buy scrap automobiles and trucks, plus lite iron and appliances.

Turning Scrap into Useable Products
In serving Northeastern Pennsylvania, Fiegleman's Recycling Center buys scrap to be recycled into useable products. Not only does our service encourage a clean environment, it also provides financial reward for the effort of recycling. We service commercial, industrial, and nonprofit accounts. We take everything that is metal. We take copper, aluminum, lead, aluminum cans, and more.

Always Buying

• Cans
• Brass • Lead • Copper • Aluminum

Ferrous Metals

• Steel
• Cast Iron
• Motor Blocks
• Lite Iron
• Stainless Steel & Alloys
• Scrap Autos & Trucks

Who We Serve

• Municipalities
• Manufacturing Plants
• Scrap Yards
• Utilities
• Trucking Companies

• Demolition Companies
• Electricians
• Heating Contractors
• Machine Shops
• Construction Companies
• Plumbing Contractors
• Auto Wrecking Companies
• Residential Homeowners
• Transmission Companies
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Why Choose Fiegleman's Recycling Center?
We provide good, fast, and reliable service. All our staff is very experienced and has been working with us for a long time. We have been in the same location doing recycling for 55 years. We are a family-owned-and-operated business that developed into the success we are today. We offer a very friendly atmosphere for our customers. We provide a good experience and we will give you our money for your scrap metal.

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Proudly Serving Northeastern Pennsylvania since 1967